Rules of compilation

Report to the thesis: the rules of compilation

So, the thesis is written, the review and review received, the technical side of the thesis meets the requirements of the normative control of your institution, it remains only to prepare for protection: write a report to the thesis.

The report to the diploma work is a speech for the protection of the final qualifying work in the volume of 3-4 sheets of typewritten text (+ handouts, presentation) containing a summary of the thesis and the main conclusions on the topic of your choice. It is necessary not to read the speech, but to tell (duration 5 – 7 minutes), to hold confidently.

The importance of writing the report correctly to the thesis work can not be overemphasized. On the defense of the thesis work, the certification commission draws its attention, first of all, to how competently and completely you will be able to defend (defend) your final qualifying work. None of them will reread your work. The State Attestation Commission will also look at the following points:

  • Review to the thesis work;
  • The recall of the supervisor;
  • Content (as far as the topic of the diploma is concerned, whether symmetry is observed);
  • Introduction;
  • Correction of footnotes;
  • Conclusion;
  • The content and design of the list of literature.

 The contents of the report to the defense of the thesis:

  1. The relevance of the chosen theme of the thesis (no more than 2-3 sentences) *;
  2. Characteristics of the object, the subject of research, a list of methods used in the work, a description of the goals and objectives *;

* Take from the introduction of your final qualifying work.

  1. A short, consistent story about how you solved the tasks and what conclusions you made;

Here it is necessary to present a brief summary of each chapter of the thesis and the findings on them. Number them – it will be easier for you to navigate in your report. If you have prepared a presentation for a thesis or have a handout (drawings, tables, mathematical calculations, diagrams, diagrams), then they should be shown simultaneously with your story.

  1. Suggestions and recommendations for improving and optimizing the object and subject of the research.
  2. Confirmation of the scientific and practical significance of your proposals and thesis work in general.