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The assignment of a certain qualification to a student occurs only in the case of a successful defense of the diploma project, at which the state attestation commission is present. Success on the protection guarantees compliance with certain rules.

First of all, working on the structure and presentation, the student should adhere to the unified logic of realization of the goal indicated in the introduction. It is not recommended to insert unnecessary fragments into the text of the work, leading readers away from the main idea. But some deviations are still possible if they, though indirectly, contribute to the full disclosure of the topic under investigation.

Secondly, the presentation of the material must be reasoned, consistent and logically connected. All the given theoretical propositions must be justified and proved.

Thirdly, it is necessary to give due attention to the style of using literary sources. While working on the writing of the work, one does not need to abuse direct quotation, thereby revealing the author’s lack of autonomy. It is extremely important to learn how to combine direct quotation with an indirect one, which is a retelling of a certain fragment of a scientific text. Have you been a student who works a time job that is full? Don’t possess the time and energy to write your thesis or dissertation? Take to an on-line custom writing service – original papers, experienced writers and 24/7 customer support.

Fourthly, the student should remember that the reviewer pays special attention to the culture of the presentation of the material, its stylistics, assesses the student’s level of proficiency in scientific vocabulary and the ability to correctly use the accepted scientific texts in the text. Therefore, in the course of working on a diploma project, it is not necessary to use vernacular or expressions that raise doubts. However, it is also not necessary to abuse scientific terms.

In the diploma work, in no case should there be grammatical and punctuation mistakes. A lively, moderately emotional presentation of the material guarantees the benevolent attitude of the reviewer to the work done. When writing a thesis, it is worth paying special attention to the practical part of the work.