Report to the thesis paper for the order

Speech on the protection of the final qualifying project is a thoughtful report, which is experimental-research, scientific in nature. In it on the review of listeners fundamental provisions of the thesis are taken out. A defense report is needed to demonstrate to the members of the certification commission full professional readiness for future activities.

The best recommendations for writing your own report

It is important not only to approach the creation of the final project responsibly, but also to protect it. To do this, you should carefully study the text of the work done, study the calculations, conclusions. There are situations when the grade for “excellent” is marked “satisfactory” because of poor preparation for mandatory protection, ignorance of the content of the diploma by the reporter. From this it follows that a brilliant presentation before the teachers guarantees the report to the thesis work for the order.

Speech to the diploma can be prepared according to the following general scheme, but it should be understood that a ready report on protection should be coordinated with the scientific leader of the entire diploma project.

So, the report to the defense begins with introductory words of greeting, concluded in two or three sentences. Their formulation can be roughly the following:
1. I, the name of the speaker, the student (s) of the faculty (the name of the faculty) of the university (the name of the university), I present to your attention the thesis project (work) on the topic “…”. The diploma is devoted to the most topical issues (list of questions).

  1. Hello, dear members of the Attestation Commission (here you can also contact the chairman of the commission)! Your attention is offered the final qualifying project on the topic: … (or “Theme of my diploma project: …”)

After the words of greeting, it is necessary to explain the reason for carrying out the experimental research proposed for consideration, explain the choice of studying a certain topic: correctly present the relevance of the topic, identify its problems, the purpose of the study. In the role of supplement, factors that directly influenced the creation of a thesis can be cited: the relevance of the researches carried out is conditioned by the obvious specificity of the studied field of science, the expected corrections in the legislative framework, the uniqueness of the object under consideration. Then it is possible to characterize the object, the object of work, to isolate the hypothesis. With the results of the analysis, listeners need to be introduced after the theoretical apparatus of the survey is presented. This is due to the need to hold in the report a kind of logical bridge, connecting its introductory part with the results achieved. Therefore, speech on defense must necessarily include brief theses concerning the theoretical division of the diploma project. Here you can disclose a few fundamental terms or author’s vision of the categories studied. A detailed retelling of the theoretical section presented to the members of the evaluation committee should be avoided: it is sufficient to use only a few small proposals. After the results of the analysis were appreciated by the listeners, you should familiarize them with personal suggestions. In this matter, it is necessary to provide all information on each of the proposed practical activities, including the goal, the result achieved and the effectiveness evaluation.